Phil Garber is an American-born artist (New Jersey, 1995) and future policy professional. He holds a bachelor of fine arts in photography and video from the School of Visual Arts. He is currently pursuing a master of arts at The New School in international affairs. In his artistic practice, his works are in large part sculptural, but not exclusively. Garber looks at societally generated systems. He explores the political, sociological, and the inherent. He studies society and what it values, what it devalues, and how it flows. His works are conceptual and medium-agnostic, frequently sculpture and lens-based. He is trained as a photographer and tends toward photographic thinking.

Garber's artistic and policy pursuits are inherently linked. In both spheres he explores systems, how they constrain us, and how they can make us better. He asks this, perhaps self-servingly - what of an artist in power?

Garber seeks to elevate and encourage left-leaning policy at all levels of the U.S government. He acknowledges his privileges within the very systems that must be dismantled.  Being that privilege is inherent, he seeks to use such to elevate voices and points of view that government systems frequently ignore. Of particular interest to him is physical, cooperative infrastructure on the U.S-Mexico border. The U.S has obligations to its neighbors that are equal in size to its great power. Garber believes in America, and Americans - particularly Americans forgotten, and co-opted. There is an America beyond the white supremacy that built the country, and girds its institutions. There is a place for pride in the good we can do, a place beyond neoliberal imperialism and American exceptionalism. There is pride in striving to be just and having the political, and financial capital as a superpower to be able to affect global, structural change. Garber believes in a bold America.
Photography: Jordan Corine Cruz

Phil Garber, artist

Phil Garber, artist
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