Systems are all around us. Society creates them, refreshes, and rebels against them. The universe itself is a system. Entropy cannot be reversed, and time as we know it flows unstoppably forward. Systems are the sandbox for the entirety of the universal experience.

My practice focuses on societally generated systems. I explore the political, sociological, and the inherent. I study society and what it values, what it devalues, and how it flows. My works are conceptual and medium-agnostic, frequently sculpture and lens-based. I am trained as a photographer and tend toward photographic thinking.

I am a person who is disabled. Having lived with a severe stutter since I began to speak, I have always dwelled within my words. Communication was the first system I ever explored - long before consciously creating art. Verbal communication is the bedrock of human experience, but through stuttering I learned (and perhaps understood innately) that spoken language is just a component of communication, and indeed just a component of language. I do not seek end-results or preach truths. I encourage new paradigms of thinking, and deeper considerations of the systems we are bathed in.  

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Phil Garber, artist

Phil Garber, artist
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